Annyeonghaseyo means “hello” in Korean. We’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the USA, yet. I’ve just finished planting a garden here at the Kimchi Farm, and there’s still a lot to do before we can transition the house into a rental. We’ve been keeping in touch with our Korean family by using social media, such as Kakao. A recent photo of Soyeon’s niece in the hospital for a minor procedure is the latest subject of conversation on the family group site.

Introducing the most recent member of the Park family, Sae-ah. This Anjeonchingu post is dedicated to the next generation of (potential) future farmers.

Sae-ah hospital

In this post we look back at the past. It is partially a Wedding Anniversary gift, and a big thank you to everyone that’s supported us through the years. It’s been seven years since Soyeon (who I also call Vivi) and I were married in Albuquerque, NM, where we still live. The “Peter and Vivi Love Page” hosted by Blogspot, is an old site that I set up to display wedding photos, but we also promoted some cultural exchange events there. I also posted a family wedding video, which no longer plays. It’s filled with family photos, which if you know these people you will enjoy. If you don’t… don’t judge.

I hope you were at least, entertained, by that trip down “memory lane”! Soyeon and I were also married in Korea in 2011 with traditional costumes and ceremony. The photos and video of the events have only been posted on a Facebook site. Unfortunately the original recordings are no longer available, so… apologies, for the raw quality of the video. You have permission to skip ahead… as with most wedding videos, “you had to be there”. And many were. the Gallos (Mom, Pop, and Sis) all attended, and there was a considerable turn-out from local folks, compared to most conventional weddings, which resemble Western-style ceremonies.

Korean Wedding Ceremony Part 1  Part 2

Here are some photos from the 2011 event Korean Wedding Photos

 Congratulations to Catherine and Barry who are getting married in a few weeks. They have been some of Anjeong Chingu’s biggest supporters. We are looking forward to another family gathering in Cincinnati, OH!

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