Greetings Friends of Anjeong,

There is a lot to cover in this post. First things first…

Announcing our departure from Albuquerque! It is set for October 20, 2016.

We bought plane tickets to Korea via United and Asiana Airlines. We’ll be flying out of San Francisco International Airport, in case anyone wants to throw us a send-off party there. As I recall there are some excellent restaurants at SFO. We will arrive in Anjeong just in time to help out with harvesting. Our featured image (above photo) is Anjeong rice fields during harvest time.

Rice Planting 2016-05-19

This is what it looks like when the whole Park family helps out with transplanting rice plant starts in the spring. Watch out for water snakes!

NEEDS LIST: We are currently shopping for a second hand luggage set. It would make a great farewell gift from Albuquerque. We are still researching what we can afford to ship overseas, and what we’ll be able to take with us.

Books for sale: Everything from the Complete Bartenders’s Guide to Letters of Flannery O’Connor . Shipping the library will have to wait, as we don’t have anywhere to set it up yet.

Soyeon wants to take her banjo, electric ukulele, flute, and keyboard. I guess we are starting an international touring band. I’ll be taking my copy of Rise Up Singing and lots of size 12 shoes to wear.

Fundraising issues will be covered in future blog posts, once we have an idea how much it will cost to build the kind of facility for the Anjeong Chingu headquarters. In the mean time, send us your design ideas. We would like to use natural materials and appropriate technology to build a Korean style health spa or jjimjilbang with residential quarters (at least 2 bedrooms), as well as a guest house for all our friends and family to stay in while visiting Korea.

One way to stay in touch is to ship us a real letter or package. Here is an address in Korean Hangul that you can copy and paste onto a label:

전남 장성군 북일면 월계리 179-2

                                       South Korea (515-832)

If for some reason you have to write it out, then you can send it to Peter and Soyeon Gallo (care of Soyeon’s parents, Park Jongil and Kim Kumja) :

179-2 Wolgyeri Bukilmyeon

Jangseong-gun Jeollanamdo

South Korea (515-832)

Remember to write 보고싶어요 as the first line of your letter, so we’ll know that you’ve been thinking of us, and you miss us. Or literally, “I want to see you”.

This is Albuquerque, Kimchi Farm in the Summertime.

Goodbye Jono, take good care of the Farm while we are gone.