Walking around the city is the best way to get places, do some sightseeing, and get a little excerise. The local park is the best place to “people watch”, even though most of them are actually watching me. Lots of bicycles in this town, but I haven’t seen any skateboards, yet.

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I would do a restaurant review, but this place could care less about the publicity. Seemed like it had been there a hundred years. Vivi and I enjoyed the fish soup dish. Do I need to

Gwangju High School


tell you that broth is what soup is all about? A boiling, hot, spicy-salty, clear broth. A chunk of fish meat served with the head attached, watch out for the bones?! Bean sprouts and other floaties make this a super-healthy option, and one of my favorite Korean foods. So many side dishes!

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Speaking of side dishes… let me tell you about breakfast in Anjeong. Since we moved to the city a few days ago, I’ve been eating Western style breakfasts, cereal in milk… bagels with cream cheese, etc. This morning, along with some standard main courses, (fried fish, and kimchi jjigae soup with pork slices of left over samgypsal) Eomeoni featured some homemade exotics (dandelion roots marinated in kimchi sauce, with pickled sour green plumbs).

My 조카 (neice), Sae-ah and her mother, Juyeon are staying overnight with us here in Anjeong. Hyeongsu couldn’t get away from his career commitments. He had a Saturday evening (!) apprenticeship meeting at work. According to my Korean teacher,  Yeongim, I am “clean hands” meaning unemployed. But I am a full time student of this place, even I’m not enrolled in any university.