It’s almost time to move to Anjeong. The apartment we have leased in the city of Gwangju will be up in a few months, so we are spending the new year’s holiday with family making plans.

Himang is the nickname that we have given to the little piece of land that is our ideal location for a tiny house.  We hope to move in by the end of March, so there is much to do in the coming months.

A View From Up the Hill, Looking Down at the Himang (Hopeful).
The green bamboo grove to the North (left) of the rice field gives a hopeful feeling even in winter. An attractive, well kept cemetery, immediately to the West is the other feature I like. At the bottom of the hill is the village center where some exciting things are happening.
Himang Neighbor
Our closest (would be) neighbor (seen here, pulling out of the drive in a farm truck) built his own home, and uses a 20ft container house (with the blue roof) as a garage. The attached shed, according to rumors, is actually a homemade jjimjilbang!

Finding an affordable container is not difficult. However, we will need to have it delivered, purchase materials (blocks, windows, insulation, wiring, plumbing, etc) and have it shaped to make it comfortable enough for two.

A Trailhead at the Himang
This little trail entrance into the bamboo grove is another sign that this is an ideal location.
I foresee a hammock in the future. After a morning of planting in the sun, this shady grove could prove to be a great way to beat the heat of Summer.
A Himang Family Outing on New Year's Day
In the background is the Himang, which is currently utilized as a small (approximately 20ft x 80ft) rice field that is flood irrigated during the growing season.

It is a few minutes walk up a small road that leads to one of the three or four farm plots  that Abeoji owns (It’s not steep by Korean standards).Grandma is EnjoyingNew Year's Day

Up another few hundred meters to the south is another larger garden that Eomani plants with a variety of vegetables.

This baby bamboo tree represents some our hopes and best intentions for the Himang.
Another rice field that was recently inherited due to the passing of Big Uncle.












Our Himang is surrounded by the cemeteries of Anjeong. It has been a dream of mine for many years to live next to live next to one, so I feel this a great opportunity. Although I don’t know any of the identities of those buried and/or memorialized here, I want to honor them along with the land that we are planning to live on.