All over (especially in Asia), people are celebrating the Lunar New Year with family. Vivi and I will be in Anjeong for the long weekend holiday, and so will the snow. Definitely more snow here in the countryside than in Gwangju city.

No Snow During Christmas,But We had a “White Lunar New Year” This Year.

It’s the year of the Rooster, but I’ve got dogs on my mind. If you’re interested in rescuing a dog from overseas, let me know, and I’ll get you connected with the local organizers. You can also buy a 2017 Calendar to help raise funds for the efforts. See the Anjeong Chingu facebook group for details.

This Jindo is benefiting from a Dog-Walking Service that I’ve started providing for the dogs of Anjeong. I call him Rohan. He’s named after a character from a sci-fi story in the Dangerous Women collection.

Preparing for the holidays means lots of trips to the market, and making deliveries to friends and family.

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Our Himang “off-grid” sight is still at the proposal stage. It will be late February before we get official permission to place a container house up on “Himang Hill”. Here is one image that is inspiring our imagination.

Our container house would be half the length and half the height of this image, but I like the South-facing greenhouse concept, and PV solar panels. Our tiny house would not be tied in to the electric grid, so we would include a battery bank. Some other aspects we are looking at are solar hot water, compost toilet, rainwater collection for water supply, and constructed wetlands for waste-water management. The RMH (Rocket Mass Heater) design for a super-efficient wood stove is something that I’ll be working on during the holiday. I hope to show off a demonstration next to the Gazebo party using the recently acquired fire-bricks.

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