We pitched a tent on the proposed development site. It’s spring now, so there are leaves sprouting,and buds popping. Dogs are barking. Anjeong farmers are prepping every available surface for planting.

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I love these shots because they show off some of the best aspects of living here…potentially. Tonight will be the test case, when we actually sleep over. As you can see, the surface has been covered with gravel and tamped down. So it’s ready for whatever kind of structure will be built here.

We had planed on just setting a container home down, and getting on with the rest of our building plans. I like the container house, because it was simple, cheap and temporary, just in case we need to move it. Things have gotten a little more complicated in the past month. Apparently they don’t qualify as habitable housing. So, we are working with our people to get the right thing done for the right reason. It’s just taking a little longer than we were hoping.

The tent belongs to my brother-law, Hyeongsu and his family. It’s pretty amazing. I may even move in there next week!

There are some more big changes coming for me. I’m moving back to Anjeong, which mostly means that I’m moving out of my Gwangju crash pad. Vivi and I will be back to sharing an office/ sleeping quarters, and meals on a regular basis.

Stay tuned… There are a few more posts coming in April. Apologies for not keeping regular!