I was at the Bus Terminal catching a ride into the city when I saw this conspicuously placed sign. I knew right away that it was an invitation to check out a new restaurant in town, and the beginning of a new adventure.


I barely had enough time to throw my bike into the undercarriage compartment before being wisked away into Gwangju. I have a small part time gig as a guest there on a radio show for GFN (Gwangju Foreign Network). My alarm, didnt go off, so I was going to be very late for the recording session.


Friday is my day in the city. I bring my bike and arrange to meet people, usually for lunch. But on this day, after the short recording, I made one stop at the ATM and then headed back to U Square… which is the commercial name for the Gwangju Bus Terminal.

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I usually ride on the Gwangju Stream bike/ pedestrian path. The best thing about this is I don’t have wait for traffic lights and and fight with busses and cars. After catching a return bus, and riding up the steep hill into Anjeong, I finally made it all the way home…where I was immediately informed that I was included in a family car trip into town… leaving now.

Today’s featured video is a spring roll assembly demonstration at a local restaurant in downtown Jangseong. It’s a new Vietnamese restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the Bus Terminal… starring Soyeon, and of course Sae-ah.

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Things are getting out of order again. Stay tuned for more postings. During the next couple of posts, I will feature music videos. That’s one of the best things about holidays.