SAE-AH calls me Gomo-Bu.  Folks around here joke that she is my best friend. Lately we’ve been hanging out alot. She’s been staying at her grandparent’s house, here in the heart of Anjeong.

SAE-AH sled
Up for anything these days

Frozen Anjeong, that is. Consistant below freezing temps along with a surprise cold snap  has presented numerous challanges at the Tiny House. Frozen water lines for us means, no running water until the ground thaws. Hauling water is the only option for now.

SAE-AH has a new baby sister. INTRODUCING, SAE-IN (*** OLDER SISTER NAME = SAE-AH  ***NEW BABY NAME = SAE-IN) Now that Mom is fully recovered, the family is braving the deep freeze winter to show off Baby SAE-IN. Here is a video to melt your frozen hearts.  Enjoy!

The title of the song is :

어느 산꼴 소년의 사랑이야기 (The Story of the Boy)