A comfortable home page for the friends of Anjeong.


What does Anjeong Chingu mean?

Anjeong is (founding member) Soyeon’s hometown, and the original inspiration for this organization. In Korean language, it also means stability or comfort.

Chingu is another Korean word that means friend. The membership of Anjeong Chingu are the “friends of Anjeong”.

Introduction and Background (A statement from the founders)

Hi, we are Soyeon and Peter Gallo. We are educators and young farmers. We live in Korea and and are present in the communies where we do this work.

“The village of Anjeong is my  hometown, and my parents have lived here for the majority of their lives, practicing a form of subsistance farming. Like most Korean villages, the population is mostly retired-aged. However, Anjeong is a busy place where people grow alot of their own food, and still practice many of the traditional Korean ways. ”


“The physical characteristics of Anjeong are low lying, boggy rice fields, surrounded by steep, wooded hills. Each of the modest homes in the village has a backyard vegetable graden. Accross the road from the Park family home is a commons area, with a gazebo as the main feature.”

“The construction of a small house near the family home, in what was formerly a small rice field, has recently been completed. It is located accross the road from a large community garden. This is our first time living in a Tiny House. Our last home in Albuquerque was five times as large!”


Mission Statement

Anjeong Chingu supports sustainable development and agriculture through educational programs in rural areas.


What We Do


See colorful, articles with links to a youtube channel, that you can subscribe to for free.


If you would like to include Anjeong Chingu as part of your educational project, by all means, get in touch. Let’s create a network of international connections to raise the conciousness of all beings.


See our future events listed on our calander. Past events are listed on our blog. Ride-sharing, and use of alternative and/ or public transportation is recommended.


Peter and Soyeon are available to lead tours of the area by appointment. Hiking in the hills and respectfully observing the private cemetaries is a recommended activity. Exploring the countryside by bicycle is also recommended. Please walk your dog on a leash, and don’t remove trees or rocks.

Agriculture is the main industry, but there is also a juice factrory that you may want to see. Peter

Dog Walking and Socializing Program

Peter and Soyeon can introduce you to their dog, Uschi. She is a femal Jindo, over one year.

Many of the Jindos, (Jindos are medium-large sized dogs, native to Korea) in the area, are never walked or socialized with other dogs. They work as guard dogs, and spend their lives locked up in cages. They are not considered pets. Unfortunately, this is the accaptable community standard, and it is somewhat tramatizing to experience, if you are an animal lover. Anjeong Chingu teaches people of all ages the basics of dog walking. It’s fun and educational!

International Farmer-Educator Exchange Project

This program targets educators and farmers who would like to experience rural Korea. If you have a skill or expertese to share, please contact Anjeong Chingu.

Cross Cultural Exchange Programs

The UCC (Universal Cultutal Center) of Gwangju is is hosting a CCAP (Cross Cultural Awareness Program) through the UNESCO program. Anjeong Chingu members have been participants and continue to do this kind of work in daily practice.

CSA  (Community Supported Agriculture)

Growing food as a community should be at the heart of any sustainability educational project. The CSA model is democratic, responsible, and affordable. Anjeong Chingu will launch their first efforts this year.



“Let’s go to Korea. Or more accurately, Let’s move back to Korea. Anjeong, South Korea to be specific. Soyeon and I invite you to join us. Become an Anjeong Chingu, or a ‘Friend of Anjeong.’ We’ll see you there!”

-Peter and Soyeon Gallo of the Kimchi Farm

“한국으로 가요.” 보다 정확히 말하자면, 특정한 지역 안정마을, “한국으로 돌아가요.”

소연 그리고 피터와 안정 친구가 되시길 원하시는 분을 초대합니다. 안정 마을에서 만나요!

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